Alison, Oxfordshire, UK
Alison, Oxfordshire, UKclient

"Cathy is kind, caring and compassionate. She asked exactly the right questions to get to the heart of my issues, and supported me to find practical solutions."

Heli, London. UKclient

"Cathy coached me during a period when I was confused and lost about who I was, professionally and personally. From the very start I felt safe and was able to trust Cathy without holding back. Any anxiety I had about my future during our sessions was handled with utmost kindness and with powerful coaching. I continue to think of Cathy as my very own Fairy Godmother."

Fiona, Manchester, UK
Fiona, Manchester, UKclient

"All my life I had lacked confidence and experienced anxiety and worry. Working with Cathy enabled me to understand my anxieties, learn to tune out my critical inner voice and be as compassionate to myself as I had always been to others. With Cathy’s guidance I identified my core values, strengths and goals. Suddenly new opportunities were open to me. I continue to use the tools I learnt with Cathy to manage the ups and downs of life and I am where I want to be. life is good .”

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If you want to dip your toe in the water and you like reading and working stuff out for yourself then check out my Free Resources, take a look at my blog and give my Anxiety Personality Profile online quiz a go.

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If you would like to work with me one a one to one basis, or you don’t know which is the best option for you, please get in touch to schedule your free initial conversation with me.

If you choose to work with me one to one I ask for online payment before the start of each session (apart from the first one, which is free) but there are no contracts and no obligations to continue if you feel that it’s not working for you.

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